We maintain that religious prayer has no place at local government meetings since members of the public attend and participate. However, in light of the May 2014 Supreme Court decision in Town of Greece v. Galloway, the best possible action we can take, for now, is to ensure that all venues include secular voices. This includes providing opportunities for all faith traditions and non-believers seeking the opportunity to participate and ensuring that no pattern of prayer exists which denigrates, proselytizes, or advances any one religion, or disparages any other.

For information on your Central Florida community, check out and volunteer to help us ensure that the voice of all citizens is included, that each local government body is following the law, and help us demonstrate the diversity (or lack thereof) in these invocations.

The invocations below extend back to 2003. We have stopped cataloging all secular invocations across the United States and will only be posting those facilitated by the CFFC on this page as of January 2016.

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Invocations We've Given in Central FL

Invocations From Other Areas