Winter Park (FL) City Commission
14 July 2014
Chris Allen (201 words - 1:12)

Let us give thanks for the opportunities we have to strive to reach our potential, to create happiness for ourselves and others.

Using the means we have within ourselves, determination, passion, intelligence, and sincerity in purpose, we can do more than dream.

Each person has the potential to persevere, to reach one's goals, and to make the best use of the life they have.

Our ability to achieve fulfillment should also be linked to a strong desire to help the less fortunate among us.

Helping others with no expectation of reward is noble but more importantly a means for one to achieve personal happiness.

Happiness, of course, is a goal for every person. By giving ourselves our time, talents, and treasures we can achieve greater joy.

If we judge a community in terms of the welfare of the weakest among us then personal giving, caring, and sharing are vital individual traits that when combined with others who care create and sustain a thriving civil society.

Let us realize and believe in our hearts that in order to improve ourselves and our families and to elevate the human condition each of us has to be that someone who does something for others.