City of Tavares (FL) City Council
3 December 2014

Jocelyn Williamson (222 words)

This moment of reflection reminds us that we gather to make decisions for our community. I applaud everyone’s civic-mindedness.  That we all cooperatively work to make Tavares a healthier, happier, fiscally responsible, vibrant community – is wonderful. 

Each of us is here to help our community thrive and to create a strong city for future generations. We are leading by example.

Distractions abound in our modern life. We multi-task and rush from moment to moment barely pausing to consider what was just done. Take this moment to pause. Reflect. And be focused on the task at hand.

As you work together today on behalf of all who live in this city, may you draw strength and encouragement from one another through compassion and reason.

May today we use only our best skills and judgment keeping ourselves impartial and neutral as we consider each matter that is placed before us and always act in accordance with what is best for human welfare and our community as a whole. 

Former President Clinton once said, “Citizen service is the very American idea that we meet our challenges not as isolated individuals but as members of a true community, with all of us working together.”

Today – Through YOUR thoughtful and committed help – you are planning the future for the City of Tavares. YOU are changing the world.