University of North Dakota
Army ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

1 August 2008
Cadet Julia F. Cicci (363 words)

Commander, Cadre, staff, families, friends, believers and nonbelievers; we have come together to represent our diverse cultures and beliefs on this beautiful and prestigious day to honor the past, present and, now, future, leaders of the United States Army. For this invocation, I come to you, not as a chaplain or any other person of God, but, as a U.S. Army Soldier in hopes that we can take a moment for ourselves and reflect on the true meaning of today’s University of North Dakota Army ROTC’s commissioning ceremony.

Let us recognize the devotion and sacrifices that the cadets have made and will continue to make throughout what I hope will be long, prosperous and fulfilling careers as commissioned Army officers. Yet, I imagine these sacrifices could not have been accomplished without the love and support from all of you. Therefore, we wish to continue to invoke your strength, love and wisdom so that our future leaders will always know that they have the continual and undivided support of the United States of America behind them throughout their entire lives. So, I now ask, on this grand day, August 1, 2008, let us unite as one today in celebration, and recognize the exemplary and dignified achievements each cadet has earned.

May they invoke the power and courage to remain forever faithful to the U.S. Army values in which they will bear true allegiance to our nation’s most sacred document, the U.S. Constitution, as well as maintain the integrity and honor necessary to lead this great nation to victory.

We should also take a brief moment to remember the family members and friends that could not be here with us today and may we never forget the fallen soldiers who died for us so we didn’t have to; we are grateful and forever in debt.

It has been a true honor serving with these cadets. I thank you for your magnanimous service and abiding dedication to one of our nation’s finest military branches, the United States Army. On behalf of everyone here, let me wish all of you all the happiness and success in your future endeavors. Thank you for your time; please be seated.