Casselberry (FL) City Council Meeting
22 May 2017
Joseph Richardson (229 words - 1:20)

Mayor and Commissioners,

Thank you for this opportunity to provide a secular invocation for today's meeting.

We have all come here tonight with our various troubles and hopes, desires and frustrations. But right now, I invite you to slow down for just a moment; take a breath and remember your fellow commissioners, city staff and especially the citizens of Casselberry whom you represent.

Remember that they have the same desires as you, the same goals as you. Consider that your fellow commissioners and the citizens you will hear speak tonight are here because they, like you, want Casselberry to be an even better place to live, to work and to play than it already is.

All of us are here to work to make Casselberry better. But it is you who must make the decisions. In that light I’ll offer a quote from Kareem Abdul Jabar who I’m sure you all know was a pro basketball player. He said “Five guys on the court working together can achieve more than five talented individuals who come and go as individuals.”

And that’s exactly what I encourage you to do tonight. Work together as a team with the other commissioners and with the citizens of Casselberry to achieve more than what any of you can do as individuals. Work together to get the job done and to get it done well.