Orlando (FL) City Commission
4 May 2015

Chris Allen (249 words - 1:25)

Good afternoon, Mayor and City Council Members. As our Central Florida economy continues to improve, a rising tide may lift all boats, but some people don't have boats. I urge everyone to do their fair share to assist people, especially those who strive to improve their lives but who still need our help.

A key to changing our community for the better is for all of us to take it upon ourselves as individuals to engage clubs, groups and companies that we are part of to matter more and mean more to the weakest among us.

It is true that a lot of people in our community volunteer their time and talents and still others give part of their treasure to help those in need but too many people do absolutely nothing. They are self-absorbed meeting their own wants. These people are truly missing out on a good thing and they have not felt the good feeling that comes with committing yourself to a selfless act of kindness. It is truly something that money cannot buy.

If I am describing someone you know, set them straight. that good feeling is deeper and more enriching when it is done anonymously without seeking attention or reward. Doing good deeds should be a common expectation in a civil society. As another plane landing safely at the airport it's really important but it's not news. It is time for people who need our help to matter more to each and everyone of us.