Maitland (FL) City Council Meeting
23 April 2018
Danny Alfred (252 words - 1:53)

Good evening Mayor McDonald, council members, staff and citizens.

As we convene this evening to focus on the needs of city of Maitland, let us pause a moment.

Last Sunday was the international recognition of Earth Day. The celebration in Maitland will be next Sunday at Lake Lily Park.

Earth Day began in 1970 when two senators, a Democratic and a Republican, collaborated on a single issue they both cared about.

And through their cooperation, environmental protection came to the forefront national politics.

And today, Earth Day is the largest secular observance in the world. Each year it is celebrated by more than a billion people.

So, let us follow their example of bipartisanship and team work they set for us 48 years ago and take it to heart as we celebrate the planet we collectively call home.

Just as the rain rinses clean the soil, may we enter this evening’s meeting with our hearts washed clean of bitterness.

As the sun brings warmth to our days, may the warmth found here in the community of Maitland bring us joy.

May we rejoice in the company of others—friends and strangers, who greet us with compassion and care.

Too often we focus on our differences, this evening, let us remember the lessons of those who disagree, yet have collaborated with to accomplish great things for the benefit of all.

And, most importantly, let us seek to understand one another better—by beginning with those ideals values we have in common.

Thank you.