Escambia (FL) County Board of County Commissioners
9 August 2012
David Suhor (219 words - 1:46)

[NOTE: David shared on the YouTube page that he never made claims about being a Christian musician, but he let his credentials lead the Board to believe what they would. Regardless of his faith or faithlessness, we are glad to share his invocation here. Thanks David!]
Anyone's Invocation
Heads bowed...
Mother, father, gods of ALL people,
we come today in our humble way to shape a small part of your creation
Gathering to a task, in your diverse and glorious presence, 
together we invoke your unique blessings and your life essence

May the efforts of this council blend
the justness of Allah with the wisdom of Odin
May Mithra the everlasting ground them with the grace of mother Gaia
May Yahweh forgive their shortcomings and Beddru foresee their salvation
MAKE light their mission, Brahma and Dionysus
and imbue each decision with the mercy of Isis

Whatever your virtues, name or form, 
may we be worthy of this wholly equal assemblage
BaHA and Elohim we beseech you Krishna and Ek Onkar, come
illuminate our civic path by moon, water, earth and sun

And we praise YOU, Jehovah of Christ, Huītzilopōchtli, and Ba'al
for the sanguine sacrifice that frees us all
And for the bounty of reason, science and logic, we thank the ONE deity
none of us knows, that of humanist, atheist and agnostic

Divine love, lead us, enlightened by Buddha and Eshu, empowered by Thetan spirits
that we may govern with the wisdom and the good of ALL gods of our nation
PLEASE impart our humble congregation
with prudence, prosperity and peace this day
and so we pray, AMEN