Los Angeles (CA) Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
12 November 2014
Indra Zuno(92 words-1:38)

Indra Zuno: Let us approach our daily work confident in the knowledge that all solutions to the challenges we face come from ourselves. Lets us be accountable for our own actions, never blaming others for our shortcomings and never allowing others to take responsibility for our mistakes. Let us behave morally and ethically because it is good in itself, and the prosperity and welfare it brings to our communities is more than enough reward.

Let us be grateful because in times of trouble, we have each other to turn to. Let us cherish each breath we take in our brief time on earth as the unique, fleeting and precious gifts that they are, following in the footsteps of Americans that have come before us, like Mark Twain, Kathryn Hepburn, A. Phillip Randolph, Loreen Hansberry, Pat Tillman, Carl Sagan, Jack London, and Susan B. Anthony.

Far and above anything or anyone, Iā€™m grateful to my mother for her boundless love and support. Lastly, I want to thank the generous people of this country and this county who have shown me kindness in good times and in bad. You have truly made Los Angeles my home.