Tampa (FL) City Council
4 April 2014

David Tolliver (641 words - 3:22)

[Indentured Servitude]

We journey to the new world
In search of better days
And if you were to somehow come
I’m sure you’ll change your ways
So I have a proposition for you
I see you owe an awful lot the state
Well, I can make arrangements
To have such numbers erased
Because it’s true, I could use more men like you
To help with triangular trade…
But You Won’t Be My Slave
You’ll just by chance work off your debts
Until this sum is paid”
The Willy Lynch Doctrines original intent was to suppress riots amongst slaves in anticipation of the Foreseeable war to come for generations to follow;
To break the will of Human beings from being human;
To create a class war between smokescreens and shields;
And to maintain power with the powerful and keep the power from the powerless
But there is no such thing as a powerless Human!
Additionally proven,
As an aftermath of wicked tactics
Willy Lynch is a historical personification that
Wickedness Wins Wars
For Walls are Smart
Smart tactics of warfare
Illusions shielding that which is not there
Smoke screens
Screening the illusions that wickedness will lead you to believe;
Willy Lynch had a methodology of creating walls between those who weren’t free
But You see, it didn’t start with slave, it started with the need for free labor
A selfless barter of time
A promise of something greater to make you leave old worlds behind
A false concept that it took your labor plus someone else’s power to provide
And evolution of wicked tactics over the years has allowed this concept to survive
The poor were never properly equipped with the script
Even white trash was granted white privilege
And once used it as leverage
Until the systematic leverage shifted
Supplying the very new demand to
Keep the mass consumers impoverished
And ignorance has long since became best friend to democratic injustices
Governmental dominance
Organizations like Equifax or the IRS
Overcrowded Corporations under paying the plantations
Management positions help to manage the distinction
Cost of living always rises past the price of your extinction
But Because we pay you minimum wage
We wont call it “Slave”
You’ll work your 40 hours plus
Until you’re in your grave
And Debt keeps you on ball and chain
ALL in slavery’s name
For the wicked will win every time we play the games they wrote the rules to
Don’t Let 4 scores fool you
40 acres and a mule you
Said it not 7 but 70 times 7 to forgive
Why give them benefit of the doubt
We gave them 490 plus years of foolishness to abolish the embellishment of our forgiveness
Since they 1492’d you
Trail of tears twisting from tracks of railways built by yellow railroad workers
Red skin reservations to gamble with your lives
Holocaust commemorations in memory of the 6 million plus
Plus the dictator looked like the very people he despised
Northern Eastern South African Apartheid
Genocide is genocide
It began long ago with the slavery of the mind
Racism is a tactic that those in command use to keep us blind
So don’t tell me it’s a color war
What is black and white
And red all over?
The signatures of W2s in blood signing away your lives
An indenture is a contract that will keep you on the climb
While digging the very grave beneath you deeper as you rise
Statistics or even definitions will present the argument that there are exceptions to the wicked ways of slave owners original intentions with the terms and conditions of contract living
I just don’t want to be indentured until I am in dentures barking louder than my bite
I just don’t want to say that I’m free just to say I’m free when I’m still a slave in my own mind.”