Volusia (FL) County Council
3 July 2014

Jack Maurice (221 words - 1:27)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't ask you to close your eyes, but to keep your eyes open to the serious issues this county government can and should solve or improve. I don't ask you to bow your heads, but to look up at what you can accomplish by applying your considerable talents and experience to the problems that confront you.

We gather here today on this eve of our celebration of independence to not only meet with our colleagues and friends with attention to a common goal but also to hopefully to commemorate the 238th anniversary of the publication of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776.

I and other non-religious citizen’s thank you, for allowing a secular humanist to have this opportunity to "invoke" a minority point of view.

Consider this: each of us is a minority with respect to something. Each of us is also part of some majority.

Whether we have a minority or majority viewpoint we must pledge our best efforts to help one another and to defend the rights of all of our citizens and residents.

As you work together on behalf of all who live in this great city of DeLand may you gain strength and cooperation from one another through reason and compassion.

To all, have a great and safe holiday weekend.