Town of Lady Lake (FL) City Commission
1 June 2015

Robert Ridgard (295 words - 2:29)

Good Evening. This moment of reflection is to remind us that we are here to work in harmony for the good of, and in service to, our community.

We gather together this evening to share our collective wisdom in response to the needs of our citizenry. We are here to consider many issues and find the optimum solutions. As this body convenes to do the business of the Town of Lady Lake, we must look ahead, with anticipation and enthusiasm, to the concerns set before us, and in consideration of the consequences of our decisions.

Humanists, by our very nature, believe that we all have the power to solve problems within our own capabilities, through logic and reason. Applying reason with the strength found in empathy and compassion for our fellow humans, we can overcome most any challenge.

It isn't needed that we agree with each other’s views. But we are required to respect each other’s right to hold those views and practice their beliefs without fear of persecution, so long as no one infringes upon the civil rights of others. Truly we each have come here from different backgrounds, and for our survival and progress we must learn to live well with each other, respecting and honoring our differences.

Morality holds us all together by the promises we make and keep with each other. We rely upon and trust those promises and depend on each other to do that which is right, just and necessary for us to live together in a community.

The success of any government stems from the commitment of all to serving the entire community, not just a favored few. It isn't through strength in numbers, but strength in our fidelity to each other that we find success.

Thank you