The Dirty Dozen State/Church Violations

#1 - School events, including graduations and athletic events, may not include prayer.


#2 - School staff may not organize, endorse, promote, or participate in prayer with students or join in any religious activities of student clubs.


#3 - School events, including graduations, should not be held in churches


#4 - Schools may not organize, endorse, promote, or participate in baccalaureate services.


#5 - School clubs and athletic teams may not have a “chaplain” or religious counselor.


#6 - Schools may not teach religious doctrine, including creationism or intelligent design.


#7 - Schools must charge a fair and equal rent to all who lease school property and may not store equipment or advertise outside of rental hours.


#8 - Schools may not allow the distribution of bibles or religious literature on school property.

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#9 - Schools may not force students to stand for or recite the pledge of allegiance.


#10 - Schools may not disallow atheist clubs if other non-curricular clubs are allowed, even if no staff advisor volunteers.

#11 - Schools may not allow religious displays on school property, including in classrooms and teacher displays.

#12 - “Voluntariness” cannot excuse a constitutional violation.