Wentzville Board Of Aldermen Meeting Missouri
27 June 2018
Brian Farmer (297 Words)

Brian Farmer, Wentzville Board of Aldermen Meeting

June 27, 2018

  Thank you, mayor, board of aldermen and alderwoman, for your thankless duty and service to the city of Wentzville.

 Real world problems require real world solutions. Our community greatly benefits from your intervention and your leadership for the tough decisions required to make Wentzville a thriving community. So thank you for your service and your dedication to our community. Community is what the Board of Aldermen meetings are all about. You are setting the tone and building our community with the decisions made at these meetings.

 With the tremendous growth Wentzville has seen over the last decade, your constituency is becoming more diverse than ever. Many people live in this community with great diversity of ethnicity, race, and religion. After all, Wentzville is the “Crossroads of the Nation.” We need to harness our diversity to work together. When our city leadership has access to a wide range of ideas, visions, and perspectives, then our community benefits from a vast range of potential solutions.

  On the city website, Wentzville is described as a “dynamic suburban environment” and it states the vision of Wentzville is a community of neighbors working together to build a better future. So let’s not lose focus on being that dynamic suburban environment. Let’s continue to seek change and progress as a community of neighbors, working together, with a broad set of ideas and perspectives. Jimmy Carter referred to America as a beautiful mosaic of different people with different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, and different dreams. No matter your color, ethnicity, and creed, whether it’s religious or not at all, all of us are an equal and valued part of this beautiful mosaic, the community of Wentzville. So let’s continue to build this community on the strength of our differences.

 Thank you very much.

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