Clearwater (FL) City Council Meeting
20 August 2014
Dave Kovar (290 words - 2:30)

Humanists believe that reason, and not faith or providence, will serve each of us best in our hour of need.

We believe that society has arrived at our present place, not by predestination or an invisible hand, but by each person adding their individual intellect and skills to the accumulation of all of their predecessors.

And we believe that morality is enforced, not by a supernatural fear or an eternal reward. Morality holds us all together by the promises we make and keep with each other, individually and in our group. We rely upon those promises to trust and depend on each other to do that which is right and necessary for us to live in a society.

Let's take a moment of silence.

As we come together tonight to do this most important business of keeping order in our shared society, let each of us agree to demonstrate our best self: to show reason, humility, and social grace toward each speaker, both our council, and our fellow citizens.

We ask that our council members recall all of the public promises they have made, here in this room, out in the neighborhoods, and while running for office. More important though, that they remember and renew the silent promises they made only to themselves, when they first decided to seek this life of public service. What did each of you commit to do to make our city a better place? Recommit to fulfill that promise tonight and every night. 

May our meeting tonight be advanced by respect and civility and by open minded consideration for all ideas. Finally, we look to our council to make difficult decisions in a morally honest manner in the best interest of all citizens of Clearwater.

Thank you.