Sanford, FL, City Council Meeting
24 October 2016
Jocelyn Williamson (283 words - 1:50)

Thank you, Mayor, Commission Members, Staff, and community members for the opportunity to offer opening words for this meeting.

Tonight, let us leave our stressful lives outside as we consider the tasks at hand and focus on the challenges facing the City.

Undoubtedly, you will consider many issues during this meeting. The public trust requires that every issue be considered on it's own analyzed thoroughly...and decided through rational problem solving...guided by ethics and integrity.

Albert Einstein said “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

Tonight, may we learn from yesterday's mistakes and challenges. May we focus on the tasks at hand, use reason to guide our decisions and take joy in our work. And may we always increase the promise for opportunity and the hope those in our City might have through the wise decisions being made on their behalf this evening.

Let us welcome the challenges of the future we see before us and be undaunted by those yet to be known.

The strength of the City of Sanford is in its residents, city officials and hardworking city employees.

May we be mindful of the unity we have in our single, yet diverse human family with common values and shared needs. May we work together toward a cleaner environment, safer neighborhoods, stronger schools, and a viable economy with sustained employment opportunities for all who seek them.

May we provide for well-trained and equipped firefighters, emergency responders, law enforcement, and our military, and may we never forget their sacrifices.  

As we forge ahead toward a common good for the City of Sanford, may we all benefit from the enduring power that can only come from working together.

Thank you.