Seminole County (FL) Council Meeting
11 April 2017
David Williamson (330 words)

As we gather this morning, let’s reflect on the things we’ve brought with us to do the important work of the County.

Wisdom is often called for at this time, yet all the knowledge we need is right here in this chamber. Our devoted county commissioners, proud citizens, local business owners and entrepreneurs, and, of course, the dedicated, hard-working county staff. We all bring with us vast knowledge to share and we are each vital to the process of self-governance.

Compassion is essential for effective public service and it’s cultivated through a lifetime of learning about the needs of everyone in the community, especially those who, at first, seem unlike ourselves. When these needs are neglected or ignored we have failed in our duty to serve everyone equally.

Integrity and honesty are earned through life lessons we take from family, friends, strangers, and our personal experiences of these principles in everyone around us whom we admire.

Finally, let’s be continually grateful to one another and ensure those who work on our behalf know how much we appreciate them.

Let’s be especially thankful at this meeting for the service of firefighters and everyone else who will work hard to protect us this dry season. Those women and men of the Seminole County Fire Department, the Florida Forest Service, our local municipal fire departments as well as everyone in public safety who pitch in when we need them; day or night.

As “we the people,” gather this morning with the common goal of improving the lives of stakeholders in Seminole County, including those who will be affected by our decisions for generations to come, let’s take solace in the fact that, on our own we can do this, because of what we’ve learned, how much we care, and because about a half a million county residents are counting on us to get this right. No pressure.

Have a productive meeting and on behalf of all your constituents, thank you for your service!