Five ways you can help

The CFFC has been working very hard to keep religion out of government in Central Florida. Here are five things you can do yourself. It's much easier than you think!

Thanks so much for your interest and please be in touch via our Contact Us page if you have any questions. Click here

1. Get involved

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"Like" our Facebook page at and share our photos, events, and links on your own page. To be sure you don't miss anything, after you click "Like" click again and select "Get Notifications." That way, each time we post something you'll be notified at the top of your own page so you can share it.

Be sure to join our Meetup group if you are able to get to any of our local state/church events. This is where we schedule ALL of our events and activities.

If you don't want to join us, join something! All the freethought and freethought-friendly groups we know about in Central Florida are on our Allies page.

2. Come "Out"

Non-believers are everywhere, but not enough people realize it. While 20% of Americans are non-religious, the number of non-believers is a bit of a mystery, but what we have in common with nearly everyone else is we know that separation of state and church benefits everyone--even the few who don't agree with us.

It is much easier to ignore a segment of the population if they are hidden from view. So when it comes up in conversation come "out" as long as you can do so safely. Oh, and if you would rather talk about what you do believe as opposed to what you don't, you can talk about secular humanism. The CFFC is an affiliate of the American Humanist Association. They have wonderful resources at

A good way to get more comfortable being "out" is to hang out with other non-believers. You can find more than a dozen local freethought groups in the Greater Orlando area on our Allies page. Whether you want to learn, socialize, donate time or other resources, or just meet some new freethinking friends. You'll probably find one or more that are right for you!

3. Educate yourself

There are plenty of great resources out there you can use to educate yourselves on what constitutes a state/church violation. Our favorite is the Freedom From Religion Foundation's website. CFFC is a chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Their FAQ page regarding state church separation is at

If you have a group or an organization that is interested in learning more about state/church violations we can arrange a presentation. Be in touch to discuss.

Finally, report all suspected violations or get clarification on what is or isn't okay using the Contact Us page. Click here

4. Be Vigilant

  • Subscribe to your city and county government eNewsletters
  • Monitor social media for violations at public schools, school athletics, after school clubs, etc.
  • Drive by public schools and other facilities
  • Walk into your government buildings which are open to the public
  • Attend public meetings of the board, council, commission whenever possible
  • When you see something, say something! Let us know by messaging us at our Contact Us page. Click here

5. Report possible violations

You would be surprised how many people are unaware of the law regarding First Amendment violations. In face, they are so unaware that they often advertise the violations since they simply do not know what they can and cannot do.

If you see something that seems wrong, let us know by messaging us at our Contact Us page. Click here.

Want more? Here are two ways you can make a serous impact:

-Volunteer your time

Our volunteers are not usually out waving the banner for the CFFC. Nearly all of them work behind the scenes researching violations, conducting advocacy on the issues, and helping to manage the organization. We can always use more help! What skills do you have to offer the team? Is there a particular issue you have in mind you want to take on or learn more about? Let us know by messaging us at our Contact Us page. Click here

-Donate to the cause

The CFFC has no membership dues (yet), but if you share our values and would like to contribute financially you can do so through PayPal. Click on either button to the left. Your donation is tax-deductible since we are a 501(c)(3) organization. Consult your tax professional with specific questions.

Thanks again for your interest. If you have an idea for how to help that isn't listed above, just let us know by messaging us at our Contact Us page. Click here

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Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.
— Benjamin Franklin