Osceola County (FL) Council Meeting
12 September 2016
Michael Mello (228 words)

Good afternoon. Our original national motto, "E Pluribus Unum", Latin for "out of many one", is something we can all learn from. It is a motto that unites all the people of our County and our great nation no matter who we are or our beliefs.

We are a nation of many different people working together. We are diverse nation in regards to race, ethnicity, politics, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, to name a few. What makes our nation great and different from any of the other nations is accepting our differences yet working together despite these differences for the greater good of society and focusing on those things we do have in common.

We are the United States of America, united under our secular Constitution and laws that guarantee we are all treated with equality in our great nation. We are only great when we treat people with different beliefs equally, ensuring minority groups have the same rights to liberty and freedoms as all others, and when we understand and collaborate with each other on a common goal.

Ensuring that the majority does not take away the freedoms and liberties of others is what makes a strong, united and free. We should never forget this is what makes us great. Thank you for leading the county that consists of many different people and uniting us as one.