City of Casselberry (FL) Commission Meeting
25 July 2016
Jocelyn Williamson (223 words)

Thank you Mayor Glancy, commissioners and city staff. As we begin this evening, let us pause for a moment and consider who we are and why we’re here TOGETHER for the citizens of the City of Casselberry.  

Tonight’s agenda reveals a growing city with many needs. We cannot avoid the challenges which we find in our way, but we can choose our behavior and set the example as community leaders to overcome them as a team.  

Our full focus and care of all stakeholders must be given to ensure an outcome that embodies the concept of “We the people” because this meeting tonight reflects democracy in action. Local government, above all others, welcomes direct participation in a unique way.

No matter who you are – you have a voice and it will be heard. Some voices will be loud, some will be insistent, but remember that all – no matter how quiet, or ineloquent -- should be welcome from beginning to end. And all should be given consideration.

Let us take a lesson from Robert Ingersoll and strive to:
•    To be sincere
•    To utter honest words
•    To destroy prejudice
•    Receive new truths with gladness, and
•    Cultivate hope as we do the best together.

We endeavor in all these things tonight, one people, one city, as one nation, indivisible.

Thank you.