Osceola County, FL, Council Meeting
9 July 2018
Jocelyn Williamson (199 words)

Thank you, Commissioners, city staff and citizens of Osceola County. Let us take this moment, before we begin, to pause and reflect on why we have come together.  

We assemble today to work together for good of the County.

We gather with confidence in the practice of democracy and with hearts and minds open to the wisdom in every voice among us.

Thomas Jefferson, once called town meeting “the wisest invention ever devised by the wit of man for the perfect exercise of self-government and for its preservation.”

We recognize that vigorous debate is essential to democracy, and part of our revolutionary tradition.

So as we gather this afternoon, let there be a free and unhampered exchange of ideas, questions and opinions.

Let us be mindful of the standards of tolerance, reason and civility recognizing the diversity with which we thrive and giving the most respect to those of differing views.

May we employ our best judgment keeping ourselves impartial and neutral as we consider the merits and pitfalls of each matter before us.

And may we always act in accordance with that which is best for our community and our fellow citizens.

Thank you.