Seminole County (FL) Council Meeting
13 February 2018
Kathy Starke (182 words - 1:28)

Thank you Chairman Dallari, Commissioners, staff, and community members for the opportunity to offer some opening words for this meeting.

I’m a wife, mother of 4, business owner, and member of the Central Florida Freethought Community. I have lived in Seminole county for 7 years and love the beauty of this county, the wildlife, and the many fun things do to here.

This moment of reflection is to remind us that we are a diverse human family with common values and needs, with varying beliefs, politics, and backgrounds, but are here to work in harmony even when there may be honest disagreement.

In light of President Lincoln’s Birthday yesterday I would like to add: Just as he fought for the abolishment of slavery and the equality of mankind, we too in this day of age, are looking to our government officials to do the same for us.

Today and moving forward, we ask that you use evidence based knowledge, as well as compassion and inclusiveness, in guiding your civil discussions and decision making that affect all members of society. Thank you again.