Casselberry, FL, City Council Meeting
14 January 2019
Jocelyn Williamson (215 words - 1:18)

Thank you Mayor Glancy, commissioners and city staff. The community appreciates your hard work on behalf of the city. And thank you for having an inclusive city that welcomes everyone.

As we pause from our regular rhythms of rush-rush-rush, we can open ourselves to new perspectives and possibilities.

Tonight, let us think of the people who are in this chamber and make the most of the sharing of ideas and the good will that comes from this.

Then, let us think of the people who are in our community and impacted, by the choices we are making this evening.

Finally, let us think of the future generations, whose lives are guided by our decisions.

Each January offers a new slate and tonight we begin to write upon it.

Let us write compassion.

Let us write reason.

Let us write equality.

Let us write thankfulness for what we accomplish together.

Let us aim to give our very best to the city of Casselberry.

As the new year begins, let this new year be a year of greater solidarity and acceptance,

for a kinder, more equitable and sustainable world is not only possible, it is on its way.

At Martin Lurther King Jr once said: β€œThe time is always right to do what is right.”

Thank you.