Clermont, FL, City Council Meeting
26 February 2019
Choice Edwards (224 words)

Mayor Ash, council members, staff and residents

I represent the fast-growing Central Florida Freethought Community. Thank you for the invitation.

I am a strong proponent of, not confusing and mixing, synagogue, temple, church, and mosque with our government…..and vice-versa.

Because this meeting is a government meeting, it is an appropriate time for me to say, I appreciate ALL of government because government shields us from anarchy,

I appreciate government employees, many of whom make financial sacrifices to serve us all.

Government includes teachers, university professors, refuse collectors, accountants, attorneys, tax collectors, appraisers, pharmacist, administrators, scientists, doctors, judges, military, police and fire fighters. When I approach a police officer or firefighters, I always say ‘I trust that you will return home safely to your family and friends’.

Also, elected and appointed officials, including this city commission that has made Clermont the Choice of Champions.

It is in the spirit of gratefulness, and being mindful of government employees, that I invite you to... go within yourself... and join me in a moment of personal and silent introspection.


On behalf of the Central Florida Freethought Community, I wish you wisdom, light, life, love, peace, power, prosperity, passion, poise, beauty, joy, justice, health, wealth,  romance and all the fun and excitement you can handle, for a life filled with joy and laughter is a full life indeed.

Namaste. Peace. Love.