Arizona House of Representatives (Arizona)
April 18 2017
Athena Salman(171 Words)

Athena Salman, Arizona House of Representatives

April 18. 2017


Take a moment to look around you at the people gathered here today. We come from a variety of backgrounds and interests, but the passion that ignites us, the fire that burns within us, is similar. We all seek to form a more perfect union, creating change from an abiding passion to improve the lives of humans of the city. There’s wonder in that, more importantly though, there is unity. In a nation often eager to be polarized in its views, allow us in this moment to recognize what we have in common; a deep-seated need to help create a more just and positive world. As we speak today, remember that commonality, remember the humanity that resides within each and every person here, and each and every person in this state and in all people in the nation and the world as a whole. In the words of former president of Illinois Wesleyan University Minor Myers Jr. quote, “go forth and do well, but even more go forth and do good.”


Word Count: 171