Clermont (FL) City Council Meeting
27 February 2018
Choice Edwards (254 words)


I represent the Central Florida Free thought Community and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

Personally, I prefer, separation of our government from Church, Mosque, Temple, and Synagogue.

Our hope of one nation indivisible is as fractured and divided as it may have been immediately after the Emancipation Proclamation.

Nonetheless, I continue to advocate for One Nation, indivisible with the attainment of liberty and justice for all.

Mayor, Ash, members of the Council, as we, the citizens collectively participate in the civic opportunity to observe municipal government in action, we are thankful for this prosperous and diverse city we have come to appreciate.

A community diverse ethnically, economically, educationally and religiously; we are, indeed, blessed.

We know our members of the city council are dedicated to continuing the smart and manageable growth of Clermont, the gem...with the hills, the choice of champions.

Like our nation, we in Clermont, strive for one nation indivisible, under the guidance of the Constitution and law, with the still unrealized Utopian goal of liberty and justice for all.

Clermont, the city I trust, to champion choices.

On this almost last day of the month in which we formally observe the achievements and the struggle for equality of more recent Americans of African Ancestry, I invoke intelligence, wisdom, tolerance, citizenship, brotherhood and sisterhood.  

As the council gets on with its business, I wish for all of us, especially for those of us who courageously place ourselves in harm’s way:  wisdom, light, life, love, peace, power, prosperity, passion, poise, beauty, joy, health, wealth, romance, and all the excitement you can handle, remember, if you ain’t laughin’ you ain’t livin’

Shalom, Namaste, peace be unto us all.