2016 Florida Secular Leadership Summit

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This event couldn't have happened without our sponsors. For more information, click on the images below and please consider letting them know how much we appreciate their help. 

A very special thanks to Tee Rogers, founder of Be Orlando. The Summit was a success in great part due to her efforts.

Freethought Group Map

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Below, is a link to the entire playlist (all 4 videos) from the Florida Secular Leadership Summit. Please share with other secular leaders, but not on public sites or social media. The videos are only edited to remove the breaks and include no titles or credits.

2016 Florida Secular Leadership Summit YouTube Playlist

Thanks so much to those who volunteered to speak at the event. Their names and organizations are below along with other relevant links provided for your benefit. Be in touch with them directly if you have questions on their presentations.

Segment 1

Jocelyn - freethought at cfl.rr dot com

Keith - kjb2356 at gmail dot com

Larry - larry at secular dot org

Tee - beorlando at live dot com

Jocelyn Williamson, CFFC co-founder, welcomed everyone to the event.

Keith Becher, CFFC Director and founder of the Humanist Community of the Space Coast offered a secular reflection, more commonly referred to by religious people as an invocation. They are used to begin government meetings and other non-religious events. Unfortunately, they have been allowed by the Supreme Court, but atheists are allowed to participate as equal members of the community. To see all the invocations the CFFC has done, go to our own Invocations page.

Larry Decker, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America, talked about the need to work together with other groups in the movement as well as outside organizations to promote secular values. Be sure you sign your group up
Secular Coalition for Florida

Tee Rogers, founder of BE Orlando, spoke about how to have effective volunteer events. She provided all the resources discussed in her talk at the site she built just for the event at:
The password is volunteer

Segment 2

Ken - kloukinen at atheists dot org

David - david at cflfreethought dot org

Jennifer - jen at jen-hancock dot com

Ken Loukinen , Director of State & Regional Operations for American Atheists spoke about their advocacy in Florida. Find out more by contacting Ken or by going to www.atheists.org

David Williamson, CFFC Co-founder discussed several ways secular organizations can be found online and get involved with the Secular Coalition for America.

1. Please sign up to ensure your group is part of the list of advocates for secular values in Washington and Tallahassee at: 

2. Be sure we have the right information for you as an attendee so others can be in touch. Remember, don't share this link:
Google Map of Summit Attendees

3. Do we have the right information for your local organization here?
Florida Freethought Organizations Map

4. Sign up at Secular Directory: 

5. Sign your group up at Secular Connect:

Jennifer Hancock, of the Humanist Families of Greater Tampa Bay discussed how your group can raise funds and offered several fantastic resources on her website. 

Here is the very helpful list we generated as a group: whiteboard list 

Here are Jen's resources for your here and here.

Segment 3

Joseph - joseph at cflfreethought dot org

Joe - joebeck at humtc dot com

David W. - david at cflfreethought dot org

Jocelyn - freethought at cfl.rr dot com

Dave N. - dave at suncoastskeptics dot com

Joseph Richardson, of the CFFC talked about the Freedom From Religion Foundation from the perspective of a local activist in Central Florida.

Joe Beck, President of the Humanists of the Treasure Coast discussed his experience as a Humanist Chaplain, as a secular hospital patient, and as a member of a family with a loved one in Hospice care.

David Williamson, of the CFFC described how every organization can and should get involved in keeping state and church separate. Here are some resources to use for educating yourselves and your members. These same sites can receive reports of violations. The CFFC is glad to assist. Email info at cflfreethought dot org:

Freedom From Religion Foundation FAQs
Americans United Issues

Jocelyn Williamson, founder of the Science League for Kids (no public URL), talked about what it takes to host successful events for families and kids.

Dave Nichols, is the organizer of the Suncoast Skeptics and host of Florida's only secular podcast, Positively Doubtful. He explains how easy it is to create your own audio podcast.

Segment 4

Rachael - rberman at americanhumanist dot org

Larry - larry at secular dot org

Rachael Berman, Grassroots and Celebrant Program Coordinator for the American Humanist Association and the Humanist Society, talked about Practical Techniques for Effectively Growing Your Group. With audience participation and lots of Q&A, this was a very useful dialogue for the summit.

Larry Decker closed the event with a call to action. He inspired us to get organized and to fight back against the enemies of reason.

Thanks to everyone who participated. No matter how far you traveled or how long you were able to stay, we hope you enjoyed the event and will find the resources provided to be useful.

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