We are thrilled you are planning to join us for our VIP dinner after the Minorities in the Non-Faith Community panel at UCF. We reserved a private room at Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen in Winter Park so you can spend some quality time with:

  • Stephanie Guttormson, Trangender Advocate Director and Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation
  • David Tamayo, Founder and President of the Hispanic American Freethinkers
  • Mandisa Thomas, Founder and President of the Black Nonbelievers.

Once you reserve your seat and make a donation you can join us at Tibby's, order from the menu, and pay your own separate check. All we ask is that you donate $25 or more for each seat you wish to reserve. Complete the form once for each guest by refreshing this page after you complete the form.

Remember, those who donate the most will sit near the speaker of their choice.

This private engagement starts at 6 PM on Thursday, October 20th. Come early to have a drink at the bar, mingle, and chat before we eat. With a limited number of seats available so don't wait!

Reservation Request

Complete the form once for each guest and we'll reserve your seat pending receipt of your donation.

Your seat is only confirmed once you received a confirmation email.

If you have questions, contact us at freethought@cfl.rr.com

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